Thunderhead by Neal Shusterman

I didn’t think I’d get the second book so soon after reading the first.

This was a good sequel. The beginning was a bit slow for me as I tried to get back into this world, but I liked the addition of the new characters and the world building. It was interesting and some aspects of this world were funny. The book is partly narrated by the AI known as “Thunderhead” who is a character in the novel that also develops with the characters.

I think the return of certain nemesis was a bit corny, but still well done. I also like that certain villains didn’t turn out to be good, but more vindictive.

The ending was dramatic. There was a lot of death. I continue to like Citra and Rowan. Though I do think both of them have become the typical YA cipher heroes in that a lot of teenagers could put themselves in their situation or would want to.

All in all, a very good second installment in this series.

Read February 19, 2018

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