Lucy Knisley graphic memoirs


A graphic novel and food memoirs growing up in NYC, Hudson Valley, and Chicago. It includes illustrated recipes and tips. I really enjoyed this little piece especially after I read Bullshit Jobs (which was more intense). I like the artist’s style and storytelling. I will be reading more from her.

Read August 15, 2019

After Relish, I realized that my library had a number of her graphic memoirs so I requested a few and read them during a busy work week time. I had taken a break from the nonfiction I was reading and needed some easy read.

Fresh Milk

This was the author’s Paris travelogue. As I have been to Paris twice and around the time the author went, I remembered it well. Do you know how sometimes you look back on trip fondly and with nostalgia? With Paris, I feel less so this way as I found that while I do like many aspects of it, I also realized with more experience and travel in France, it is not a great place. It is full of tourists and of locals who are dismissive and rude more than average. I did find the restaurant service almost non-existent. This in contrast to other places I’ve been to and lived in France. I am privileged to speak some French (but am losing it rapidly nowadays since I no longer speak it with anyone) but it didn’t seem to matter to Parisians.

Still, I will never regret Paris. The book made me miss France. I understood the title because dairy tastes much better in France. I had the best yogurt and butter in my life there.

I also remember the 20s existential crisis and anxiety.

Read September 11, 2019.

An Age of License

This is concerning another European trip. I found this one went back much quicker than the last. It was probably a bit shorter. I really liked the art in this one as it reminded me more of Relish except the paper quality was excellent and some of the pieces of art were in water colours. I really enjoyed it and appreciate the artist’s ability to depict people’s personalities so simply.

Read September 11, 2019.


Almost a direct sequel to the last travelogue as it happens only five months later. This book is about a cruise that Lucy volunteers to take with her septuagenarian paternal grand parents.

It is actually a very stressful book to read as she has to deal with their physical limitations and mental health issues. I have never taken a cruise nor have I ever had to take elderly relatives on a trip in this way. However, I felt sorry for her and understood the difficulties she has with strangers when travelling in such a state.

There are also moments from Lucy’s grandfather’s WWII memoirs which I liked as well.

The binding and colour work on this book is the best yet. The art is good. I do like Knisley’s art and the way she depicts things. I can relate to her tangentially, but I chose specifically not to request her more recent books about weddings and having a baby. Her style with these topics will doubtlessly be a bit intense. I like her style, but I can’t fully relate to some of her worries as she has presented them in the last couple of travelogues.

It was enjoyable to read all these three. I am still open to reading more from her if the topics covered things I had more interest in.

Read September 11, 2019.

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