FO Fridays: Gladys

Socks are a good projects. Very straightforward and useful results. I have enough sock yarn stash for more than half a dozen pairs of socks. Even though I’ve stopped making my Barn Raising Quilt, I need to keep using sock yarns. I wear them a lot when running in the cold months. I actually need to darn some handknit socks at some point.

The pattern is interesting with the Guernsey pattern. I did not memorize it until the foot though. It’s a well written pattern except for a couple of minor bits. I would recommend it.

I bought this yarn a few years ago on a day trip to York. Sadly, the cute yarn store called Ramshambles in old York centre is no longer in business. In recent years, I have been careful to not buy yarn but I can’t help going to yarn stores. Occasionally I am tempted and sock yarn is the easiest purchase for projects since I know the amount I need. This yarn is nice and has some Bluefaced Leister. It’s a bit fuzzy and likes to stick to itself a little bit, but the dye is lovely too. It was hard to capture the colour of this yarn. The next photo is the closest but even it doesn’t quite capture the blue with undertones of green.

Gladys, started April 18, 2020, finished May 22, 2020. Ravelry Project Page
Pattern: Gladys by General Hogbuffer Ravelry Pattern Page
Made for: Self
Size: US 6.5/UK 4/EUR 36
Yarn: Signature 4 Ply Solids by West Yorkshire Spinners (40% Wool, 35% Bluefaced Leicester, 25% Nylon 400 meters / 100 grams) 365 Blueberry Bonbon – 1 skein
Needles: 2.25mm/US#1 100cm/40″ long circular

Modifications & Notes:

  • 2AAT on ML except for the heels which were done separately and then rejoined for instep
  • German CO 72 for a less tight cuff and leg, reduced to 64 in first knit row
  • Ribbing for 1”
  • Heel Centring: Pattern is well written except for this part which was confusing. As other project notes guided, I left last 4 sts of the final round of the leg unworked, moved them to first needle, worked the first row of the heel chart with those 4 stitches becoming the first 4.
  • Did standard foot sts on one needle and instep on another
  • Modified toe so that it decreased gradually every other row until about 28 sts total then every row until 16 sts total

Cost of Project: £7.20
Would I knit it again? No

One thought on “FO Fridays: Gladys

  • Barbara Romanofsky

    Thank you so much for your help with the Gladys pattern. I am currently “stuck” on the heel centering which you note is confusing. I will work my sock back and proceed using your directions. Thank you so very much!


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