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A study in sherlock

While I do not consider myself an aficionado of the deer stalker hat wearing detective, a Sherlockian, this is my second Holmes/Conan Doyle inspired book in a month. Also, the miniseries. I must say that I do love the Holmes stories and this anthology of short stories reminds me of the good times I had listening to the audiobooks of the canon a few summers ago. Like all anthologies, I was more engaged in some stories than others, but I really liked the majority of them. They were fun. I think mysteries take to short stories well. It’s satisfying. Not all the stories are mysteries though. A couple of them went over my head in terms of references and what the author was trying to go for. In any case, I recommend it for anyone who likes the Sherlock Holmes stories. I think this is a good companion after reading the Holmes canon or watching the tv shows.

Read February 3-5, 2012.