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Becky and I have been named Readers of the Hour at Dewey‘s blog. I am about 120 pages into First Among Sequels, and I just had lunch. I’m going to finish my current chapter, and then go off on an errand hoping to be back in an hour for an Hour 4 Update. I’m going to make some tea and finish this book before I go to bed tonight, and definitely start another one. Good luck to fellow participants, and thanks for all the comments so far.

Also, I highly recommend the Thursday Next series I am reading if you have not tried it out, pick up the first in the books called The Eyre Affair. Review of First Among Sequels after the Readathon.

9 thoughts on “Hour 3: Lunch Break and Reading

  1. Hellooooo, Athena! I’m your cheerleader, here to cheer you on! I’m surprised that you, as reader of the hour, haven’t had more visitors. Maybe my visit will help to remedy that. When you get back to your reading, know that I am cheering for you! Go, girl!

  2. Hi Athena! I’m randomly cheerleading today. The Thursday Next novels are fun, aren’t they? I’ve had to read a few of the classics they referenced just to keep up.

  3. Have fun being reader of the hour. I keep meaning to read the Thursday Next series…thanks for the recommendation. I hope you are enjoying your reading as much as I’m enjoying my cheering.

  4. I am glad to hear you are enjoying First Among Sequels. I read the other Thursday Next book, and really enjoyed them, but then was quite disapointed by Something Rotten. I have heard First starts slow, but then gets REALLY good. You make my wanna run out and get it and give it a try…

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