Reading Challenges Update

They are all the rage, and I love joining new challenges, but I also like a lot of time allowances and flexibility so I can’t join all of them.

Current Challenges

  • Something About Me (0 of ?) – When I picked out my books for this, I knew I was not going to be read all of them. I am currently one from this list, and a couple more before this ends in Dec 31.
  • Book Awards (5 of 12) – Progress is going well, and there is lots of time for me to complete this before July 1. I’ll read at least one from the list before the year is over.
  • Book to Movies (2 of 3) – Currently reading third book, and set to be finished by end of month.
  • Second Chances (0 of 3) – Most books will be read in the last month (December).
  • Seafaring Reading (0 of 2) – I have the second book in the series, not the first yet. Probably Christmas reading as well.
  • Pulitzer Project – No time limit, and each update will say if I’ve read a Pulitzer since the last one.

Pending Challenges

  • Decades 08 – Eight books from eight decades in 2008. Want to do 16 decades.
  • In their shoes – I picked six bios/memoirs to be read in the calendar year.
  • Russian Reading – Four Russian related books in one year.
  • What’s in a Name? – Six books in one year.
  • TBR 2008 – Twelve books in twelve months. Plan to sign up so list will be up next month.

Completed Challenges

  • Summer Reading Challenge, Round 2 – Completed my goals, and read all the books.

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