Day: December 28, 2007

My first Pedro Almodóvar film; I just didn’t manage to watch any of his films until now. This Spanish drama has a great cast, strong script, good music, and wonderful direction. I love the overhead shots employed. The theme of death, and the strong focus on women is poignant and well executed. The twists are a bit predictable if you’re an avid film watcher, but that does not mean the movie does not hold you with its characters and the acting. I have only ever seen Penelop Cruz in Vanilla Sky, her presence in this movie is charismatic and definitely shows her as a star. The ease of which she inhabits her character and dominates the screen is wonderful. As I’ve read someone say, she is the Diane Keaton to Almodóvar’s Woody Allen (Cruz is actually going to be in the next Woody Allen movie). I am definitely going to go watch Talk to Her and Bad Education when I can the chances.