Day: January 6, 2008

These Three RemainThe third in a trilogy of Pride and Prejudice from Mr. Darcy’s POV. Remember that I skipped the second  one? The parts that were not Austen were tedious enough. Also, Darcy is quite cheesey at parts, like a Harlequin romance star. The original characters include “Dy” His Lordship of Gary Stu-ness. Basically, I was pretty bored any time Aidan wrote about the plot that were not referenced in P&P. This novel was a bit slow as a result. It would have pleased me more if she had written some epilogue of Darcy and Lizzie together. On the positive side, there was an actual funny scene with drunk Darcy. I also must concede that there are plethora of Regency details the author must have researched for long periods. She also attempts and gives character to some of Mr. Darcy servants whom I liked a lot more than all the stupid society people of Ton. Overall, not a great trilogy, and very slow for the Austenites.