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    Reading Challenges Update 03/08

    Been awhile since I updated the challenges list. There are too many and I just joined another one! In any case, I anticipate I’ll be reading more avidly again in two weeks. In other news, I updated WordPress to version 2.5; it usually takes me months until after a release to upgrade. For further procrastination and fun, I changed the layout

    Current Challenges

    • Book Awards (9 of 12) – A couple of the books I’ve read since the last update were not on my original list but are award winners. I still intend to finish my original list before July 1 and come out with more than a dozen books read.
    • William Shakespeare (1 of 4) – Currently reading Othello, finished a Shakespeare bio.
    • Graphic Novels (6 of 6) – Will continue reading graphic novels.
    • Decades 08 (3 of 8 ) – Still want to do 16 decades.
    • In their shoes (2 of ?) – I picked roughly 6-7 bios/memoirs to be read in the calendar year.
    • Russian Reading (2 of 4) – Four Russian related books in one year.
    • What’s in a Name? (1 of 6) – I cross posted one of the other books into this even if wasn’t in the original list.
    • TBR 2008 (1 of 12) – So slow going. Must pick up speed.
    • Man Booker Challenge (1 of 6) – Six Booker prize winners in one year. Also slow going.
    • Chunky Challenge (o of 4) – Books of more than 450pages. I am reading one of these now!
    • Reading the Nobels – I’ve read 2 so far, and there’s a challenge to read 5 this year.
    • Notable Books – Read 1.
    • Pulitzer Project – None.
    • Booker Project – Read 1.

    Anticipating Challenges

    Personal Challenges

    • 1001 Books You Must Read Before You Die – One of the ultimate challenges; no intention of finishing it but do want to read many of the books. I’ll write in updates how many of the books I’ve read. I’ve read a couple since the beginning of the year. I’m at the miniscule 82 right now.
    • TBR Pile – Books that I own and have not read. None in awhile.

    Completed Challenges