Booking Through Thursday — The End

You’ve just reached the end of a book . . . what do you do now? Savor and muse over the book? Dive right into the next one? Go take the dog for a walk, the kids to the park, before even thinking about the next book you’re going to read? What? (Obviously, there can be more than one answer, here–a book with a cliff-hanger is going to engender different reactions than a serene, stand-alone, but you get the idea!) – BTT

 Most often, I’ll start up a review for it either by writing most of it or jotting notes of what I will right. Sometimes I will dive into another book because I have time or in the rare case the book is part of a series and I have the followup, I will start that. I usually take a bit of time between books. Not a lot because I’ll choose my next book fairly quickly, often right after I finish the last one (oh big TBR piles). I just won’t start reading it for a day or two though. Since I read a lot of books (when I have time) in long sessions, I usually like a little break to do my other hobbies and duties: knitting, blogging, chores, etc.

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