Sunday Salon: Easter

This week, I continued to read Count of Monte Cristo in DailyLit email installments. I have reached Dantes being jailed. I really like the novel so far. I think I will like it more than The Three Musketeers, and Edmond will probably surpass them as my favourite Dumas character as well.
I started reading Othello this week as I said would, and I read a couple of scenes of Act I today.  This is my first Shakespeare play since high school. I actually miss being taught Shakespeare. It doesn’t feel quite the same reading to myself and analysing the play. I just realized that CoMC and Othello are quite similar. I’ve been attracting some less than happy books of late.

A little meme that’s been going around TSS members.

1) What books do you like to bring on airplanes?

Any books really. Nothing too specific. I don’t have the chance to fly often. I did not read the last couple of times I flew in 2006. I finished The Three Musketeers on a cross Pacific flight in 2004.  On cross atlantic flights, I like to sleep rather so I can ease the jetlag. I would also like to buy magazines next time because I hardly ever normally.

2) Do you have any experiences with public reading?

I read mostly at home. I also don’t care for reading on public transport. Since I use the bus, I pensively look out the window and daydream. I do tend to carry a light book with me just in case I find myself in need of some leisure reading. I always regret not having one when such circumstances arise. For example, I toted Othello this week and will continue. Sometimes, I will read in class during breaks.  In the summer, I will on occasion read outside in a park.

It’s already mid afternoon, and I have not done any work on the honours essay. So I’m off. Happy Easter Sunday!

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Salon: Easter

  • Clare D

    Interesting post! I too wish I was part of a class when I read …and not just Shakespeare. Reading Groups are good, sometimes, but a class would be better!

  • Ann Darnton

    I would also love to be back in class and I’d happily pay to audit some, but I do not want to go back to exams and writing essays on subjects chosen by other people. I always wrote my own essay titles when I was an undergrad, but you wouldn’t get away with that today.


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