Hungry Planet

The concept of the book was to go to more than two dozen countries, visiting several families and taking photos of their food life. It is the size of large coffee table book and has many photos taken by Peter Menzel with accompanying articles on the families written by his wife Faith D’Alusio. The book is cultural, historical, a cook book, and a book of international affairs just as much as it is book of photographs. It has stats about each of the countries: life expectancies, meat consumption, the prevalence of MacDonald’s, cigarette consumption, obesity, and so forth.

I read a lot of books about food. It has always been an interest of mine. I love it in many ways as it shapes cultures, history, time, economies, lives, science, and so much war. I would very much like to one day work in a job about or relating to food issues from nutrition to developmental programs to the overall importance of food production now. This book touches on food in so many ways. People often underestimate the vast change that happens in food and to our lives. It is especially important to understand what food to us is right now with rising food costs and food riots.

The introduction states that the book is not out to be political or judgmental of food choices, but as a documentary in the way food is changing. For better and more often, for the worse. Food (like land) has always been somehow political, but this showcases how important it is for us to be aware of the issues. This book looks at globalisation, conflict, drought, and climate change as a result. I recommend this book for insightful reading about different and changing lifestyles and as a look at our planet.

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  • Andi

    This one sounds amazing! Have you read A Cook’s Tour by chance? Anthony Bourdain discusses many of the issues you mentioned here, but in a very snarky way.


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