New Moon and Eclipse

The second and third book in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight Saga. So far, my favourite is still the first book though I did like Eclipse and the ending of New Moon. I read both of these on my laptop which is the first time I’ve read such complete novels on the computer. If it were any other books, I would be adverse to try it. These books were short and not too intense for the eyes. There are major spoilers under the cut.

My Twilight converting friend loves the series, but does find the plots very predictable. We agree that the strength of the series is its ability to grip you even if you have a good idea what will happen. I saw some of the plot for New Moon when reading Twilight such as Jacob Black becoming a werewolf. I also figured there would be some kind of triangle for Bella/Edward at some point. In any case Bella got on my nerves in this book. Her incessant suicidal and reckless acts, and her denial about them irked me. Though I forgave her in the end. I missed Edward quite a bit, and the other Cullens too. I adore Alice and the fact she got some more action in this book. The ending with Alice, Edward and Bella in Italy were interesting. Things do pick up when the vampires are in the books. They could probably condense some of the werewolf things with book two and three for the movies. Though I am sure many Twilight diehard fans would cry fowl.

I became indifferent to the love triangle and annoyed with Bella again. She was predictable and increasingly dense and kind of slow on the uptake. Her character became even more Mary Sue-ish, but I still forgave her by the end. It’s a credit to Meyer’s narrative from Bella’s perspective. The brilliance of the first person narrative is that the reader in these books makes Bella more sympathetic because her scope is so very limited. It makes it easier to forgive her due to her ineptitude at introspection and self-knowledge for most of the saga. This also works well in making the audience to feel for and fall in love with Edward as Bella does. Edward is probably the main reason many females read the series. I am not ashamed to admit that I do.

I did like Eclipse a lot more than New Moon for the return of the vampires and even more mythology. Bella does develop and Edward just becomes more ridiculously perfect. I liked the backgrounds and history of the vampires. Also, action returned in this book as New Moon was just not as violent. This will make it much more easier when they adapt it.

2 thoughts on “New Moon and Eclipse

  • Andi

    Unlike most, Eclipse was my absolute favorite of the series. I’m also an oddball in that I’d take Jacob over Edward any day. Yay werewolves!

  • Nicole

    Great review! Stephenie is an amazing character writer! I just fell in love with all of them. I loved her emphasis on relationships and choices.


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