Day: September 7, 2008

This week, I have been reading Last Orders by Graham Swift and listening to His Last Bow by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. I have not had very much reading time this week so I will spend today doing that. First though, I have a little request for you Salonists.

At the end of this month, I am going to be moving overseas for at least a year. I have been deciding about which books to take and subsequently to read when I move. Since I will not return for awhile, it’s difficult choosing which to take with me and read in my time abroad. While I will be moving to an English speaking and may buy a couple of books and frequent the library, I want to take some books that I own with me, probably around five. Help me out, by choosing the books you think I should take and have not read. I own all the books below and have not read any of them in full. Most of them are paperback. If anything, the poll would serve as the type of books people who visit the blog like. Thank you!

[poll id=”2″]

Have a good week!

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