Day: January 11, 2009

Oh woe. I can not wait until I am no longer a graduate student so I can go back to reading. I am exactly where I was two weeks ago at my last Salon. I have read all of three chapters in Casino Royale, Club Dead is still on hold in audiobook form, it’s well past Christmas but A Christmas Carol is stacked underneath CR, and Paris to the Moon is on top urging for a little reread because I will be going to Paris this weekend. I never actually finished that reread of Hamlet in time for either two performances that I saw (review tomorrow!).

I read an interesting article on buying books called In Defense of Buying Books which sparked a discussion on that particular blog about books as indulgences, the values of library, overspending, frugality, etc. I really did not start buying books seriously until a couple years ago, and the majority of my books are used books from fairs. I rarely buy new books because they aren’t in my budget. I love libraries, and I grew up and lived within a municipality with an exceptional library system for years, not so much now (more on that in a bit), but I also like owning books. I think many people will argue that buying books and putting them on shelves is a bit of a waste especially if you have not read the books. This is a common affliction among bibliophiles: the buying and hoarding of books. I, too, am afflicted with this disease, but in all honestly, books are my luxury a lot. I do not shop for clothes or accessories all that much, and books are one of my few entertainment sources. Cable tv vs. used books: I know which I would want more. In my poorest days, I wouldn’t give up buying a used book or two. Libraries are sublime, but there are circumstances wherein you can’t use them all the time.

In an earlier salon, I said the likihood of me using the London library system is slim. Well, I applied for one library card this past week and it’s coming into the mail. That is only for one borough of London, and there are two more I’d like to apply for. The libraries in my particular area are farthere away and not as good. It’s not comparable to what I grew up with, and in any case, when do I have the time to read for fun any more? Still, the library cards would be nice to have.

In other news, I won a Bookmooch point and I joined, but I hardly have any books to give away since most of them are across the pond.

Have a good week!

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