Day: January 24, 2009

Duck Noodle Bowl, Noodle Inn, London Dim Sum at Noodle Inn, London

Noodle Inn
25 Oxford Street,
020 7287 5953
Tube: Tottenham Court Road

The Cost & Date: Tuesday December 16th 2008 for lunch :: £20.90 for 2.

Food & Drink: For appetizers, we had steamed pork & chive dumplings (you get four, we had eaten two in the photo). I had a duck la-mian soup (above), and my friend had a pork/chai siu la-mian soup. We also had some tea.

Setting: Small, relatively clean. Small toilet though.

Service: Straightforward, not bad.

Story: Another connection through my flatmate, but this restaurant is fairly well known and popular due to its central location. My flatmate actually met one of the cooks that actually does make its specialty, handmade la-mian. Whenever you pass by the window on Oxford Street, it’s all steamed up due to the hot food and the noodle making. It’s nice, warm, and cozy. A good respite from the insanity of Oxford Street. I liked the noodles. You can tell it is handmade and not from a premade package. It’s not too salty either. The dim sum was not bad at all.

Overall: I’d definitely come back, but it can be a bit busy on the weekends and later weekdays. It’s not too expensive, but I think it’s more or less a good deal considering London restaurants. Better than some Chinatown establishments.