What Alice Forgot by Lian Moriarty

What Alice Forgot

The premise of this book made me pick it up. I like the whole, “What if you wake up and you’re older than you were the day before?” premise. It would be fascinating to see how one and the life has changed. Sophie Kinsella did a similar one in Remember Me? but that one was more light hearted. This one was also chick lit but focussed more seriously on women in their middle age. There are three narratives in this novel with three different women. The main one is Alice’s third person omniscient limited perspective. Second is her sister’s first person writing to her therapist and followed by their grandmother’s letters to an old lover. While this allows for different perspective on the whole situation and you find out more about the characters, sometimes, it’s not obvious how the three narratives are connected until much later. I found it a bit too much especially since there is a lot of jumping back and forth about people’s memories at times. I also didn’t feel I got a good sense of all these women until the very end, but the drama and the mystery of their lives kept me reading. Alice grew on me and I liked the epilogue, but this book didn’t capture me for most of the book.

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