Booking Through Thursday – Anything I can do you can do better

My first Booking Through Thursday in over three years! This is one of my favourite Memes.

Patricia asked:

Ever read a book you thought you could have written better yourself?

My immediate answer is “probably”, but I am not a writer. I have low regard for my ability to do so. I have done creative writing as a teenager, dabbled for fun in it again as a university student, and I even done a couple small shots of fanfiction. That is for fiction, but even for academic papers, I find it difficult to write a lot or with great passion about it. I find it difficult to finish stories I started up, and they say great writers can find stories and characters in themselves and take life. I can find some stories in me, but they don’t want to dragged out or even worse, all my characters seem wholly two dimensional. I compare them always to my favourite books which are often classics or award winning novels.

Though, perhaps I could ghostwrite things if I have the material at hand. An outline, established characters, etc. This really shows how limited I believe my writing capabilities are.

In general, I probably have read a couple of bad books enough to think I have written them better. I just can’t remember these exact titles. I am good at picking out books which I generally like and usually, I can’t even think about writing something better. It’s not something that really comes into my head when I read a book that is mediocre or worse. I just rather think I hadn’t read it at all.

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