Kauni in February

I love Kauni Effetkgarn. In 2010, I bought three balls of the EQ colour in Switzerland. I used up two that summer, but I had one left to save for the future.

In February, I finally used the third skein in two projects. First, I wanted to make a sweater with the yarn. I picked Margot and decided to stripe it and make it short sleeved. My Margot on Ravelry Margot.

Margot in Kauni

Secondly, the Stripe Study Shawl. It was inevitable for me to knit this striped shawl. My Stripe Study Shawl On Ravelry Stripe Study Shawl

Stripe Study Shawl in Kauni
Both projects have been striped with Briggs & Little Sport in natural/undyed which is the right weight and has the same rustic appeal as the Kauni wool. Also, the B&L was inexpensive. I used 1.5 balls of the B&L for both projects.

Margot in Kauni Stripe Study Shawl in Kauni

This is the last of the Kauni I have and since it isn’t sold locally, I am not sure when I will buy it again. If I do, I’ll probably stock up. I get a huge kick out of knitting with this yarn and it is easily one of my favourite yarns.

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