Day: May 9, 2012

Walking People

When I read the back book summary of this book, I expected something a little different than what I got. Sure, I knew it would on the literary side. That there would be discussion of families, immigration, destiny by geography and some family secret. The back cover made it seem like there would be some aftermath to when the secret was revealed. Book cover summaries are usually not the best, but I had not heard about this book at all. It was slow to get into, and I don’t think I really got into it until halfway through the book. I didn’t find anything shocking, but I went back on forth on how I felt about Greta. Ultimately, I found most of the characters realistic. I really liked Michael and wanted to hear more about him and his point of view. Overall, I found some nice moments in this book. It was not the most exciting book, but now that I am reviewing it, I do think it was well written. I think it would interest people of Irish American background, but also those like me to have experienced immigration in their families.

Read May 6-7th, 2012.