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    FO Friday: Garter Yoke Cardigan

    Garter Yoke Cardigan

    This cardigan took forever to finish. The knitting itself took about a month, but I didn’t block for another month after binding off and another week for the buttons. I was very careless with the button sewing, but I was so fed up with this project by this time that I didn’t care. Maybe in the far future, I will resew it. Until then, I can wear it as it is going out or staying in. It is far from my favourite sweater, but at least I can use it when out.

    Garter Yoke Cardigan

    Garter Yoke Cardigan, started March 13th, 2012, Bound off April 18th 2012. Sewed buttons on May 19th 2012. Ravelry Project Page
    Pattern: #22 Garter Yoke Cardigan by Melissa LaBarre from Knit.1, Fall/Winter 2008 Ravelry Pattern Page
    Yarn: Patons Classic Wool – less than 4 skeins of the old yardage, not the new one.
    Needles: #6/4mm for the CO, #7/4.5mm for the garter, and #8/5.0mm for all else.

    • CO on 93 sts (20 less) on 4.0mm and switched to 4.5mm for the yoke.
    • Knit 2 rows. Increased 10 sts using M1L (KFB is better for garter stitch in retrospect). Knit 4 rows including a button hole row. Incresed 10 sts. K1 more row then began with short rows.
    • Did standard short rows.
    • For the yoke, I added two additional rows between button holes since my gauge was different.
    • Switched to 5.0mm for stockinette. After initial stockinette inc row, I did M1L, K1, SlM, K1, K1R.
    • Inc a few additional stitches for bust after separating sleeves and body.
    • 4.5mm on yoke, cuff, and hem.
    • Did one extra decrease for waist shaping but maintained same waist increases per pattern
    • Picked up 6 sts at underarm, decreased them, knit about 2.5-3”, then began sleeve decreases: k1, k2tog, knit around to the last 3 stitches, ssk, k1. Repeat every 8th row until only 40 sts.

    Tools/Notions: 9 wood buttons.
    Cost of Project: Less than $20.
    Would I knit it again? Doubtful. If I were to do it again, KFB for the yoke as pattern says and I won’t be so careless with blocking and button sewing next time.

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