Sunday Salon: Hobbies

Sunday Salon

This week I read Venetia by Georgette Heyer. I still need to start Gone with the Wind and catch up to my library books, but I’m too busy today to read. Argh.

I have been very busy with work, life and my other interests to read much lately. When I was a kid, I only had one major hobby, interest and activity (discounting the TV): reading. Since then, I have accumulated more hobbies in my life and while reading is still the top, things are competing with my time.

Here is just a small list of them: Reading/Books, Knitting, Spinning, Photography, Writing/this blog, TV and Movies, Yoga, Badminton, Fiddle/Violin and more. Yes, this week, I’ve taken up the violin again by going to fiddle lessons. Is this long term? Doubtful, but I am entertaining it for the short term. I like to keep myself busy, and as an introvert, I’m not super social especially since most of my friends don’t even live in this town anymore. Still, I have to divide time for my family and friends as well. Not to mention full time work (however insecure that is).

The yoga and badminton don’t take much time of my week. I’ll probably stop going to yoga in the winter, but reading, knitting and this blog take up a good amount of time. I haven’t had enough time to really spin so that’s dropped off.

Well, I’m glad to be keeping busy and balancing things that I like to do for the most part though I have to watch the expense sometime too.

What are you doing to keep yourself busy?

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