Sunday Salon: Midsummer Reading and Book Hauling

Sunday Salon

Happy Father’s Day! We had family time yesterday and now my dad wants to take his own day trip. Ha. I do a bit of solo travel too so I guess I take that away from him.

In reading news, I went to a book fair yesterday and got 19 books. I will make a post about all the book fair books I got in the last two weeks for tomorrow or Tuesday.

This week, I finished reading two books: Tess of the Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy and Friday’s Child by Georgette Heyer.

I started The Mill on the FLoss by George Eliot. My first of her works so it’s a long time coming especially with this book, but I’ll tackle that in the review. I will read most of it today which means I will probably finish it by the end of the day.

I could have read more this past week, but it’s been an unusually social and busy week for me. Also, in a weird turn of events, I have taken two jobs in the last week after a long drought without any work. I don’t know how it will affect my reading, but I hope not too much. I like to reserve Sundays for at least one book a week.

Has everyone planned their summer reading? I’ll keep with the classics for this summer I think.

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