America Again: Re-becoming the Greatness We Never Weren’t by Stephen Colbert

America Again by Stephen Colbert

This was a fun book. I didn’t review Colbert’s picture book, and reviewing a humor book is not easy. Still, I smiled my way through this book.

I adore Stephen Colbert. Sadly, I have not watched “The Colbert Report” on a regular basis for a couple of years now. It use to be part of my morning routine from 2006-8. I think Colbert is very funny and clever. I enjoyed the last book, but I think this was even funnier.

The audiobook would probably be hilarious too. I couldn’t find it near me and I wouldn’t have been able to wear the provided 3-D glasses.

Part of what I like about Colbert is that he and his team are clearly very intelligent. The humour that comes with that is smart, but also sometimes very random. It is sometimes a bit sad when you realize how many people actually believes the things he satirizes, but Colbert finds humor in that sadness. That’s what comedy is for to be honest.

I also feel he writes some of the best Canadian jokes by a non-Canadian comic:

Sourry for my superfluuous Canadian u’s in words like “flavour” and “colour”. Up here you gotta layer the extra vowels to keep the consonants warm.

Colbert also has a way with words as in, he uses puns, vocabulary and diction a lot. My kind of comedian. All of this just reminds me that I need to watch TCR more again.

Even though this is pure satire, I think humor counts as nonfiction especially considering how this book touches on so many current affairs issues. I recommend it for all Colbert-Stewart lovers, but also people who like political satire more broadly.

Read March 24-25th 2013.

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