Booking Through Thursday – Sporting

1. Do you read books about sports?
2. How about AT sporting events? (Kid’s soccer practice?) – BTT

In general, I have not really read many books about sports. Even though I am more physically active and have tried to be an active person most of my life, I actually do not really like participating in competitive team sports. I have watched a lot of sports on TV, but less so in the past few years. Similarly, I rarely go to sporting events, but I enjoy myself when I do and I don’t read at them.

Having said that, one book about sports that I really like is Nick Hornby’s Fever Pitch which his ode to football (soccer) and his team Arsenal. Aside from his literary essays, I think that is my favourite book of his because he captured the feelings of loving sport and supporting one’s team so well even though I have never really supported just one team. I read the book at the height of my Premiership viewing. I use to watch football matches every Saturday morning with my Dad, and it’s his sport of preference so the topic is close to my heart in a way.

I’ve also heard good things about the Friday Night Lights book (love the TV series), but I have not found the time to read it.

Any other recommendations for sports books?

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