Don’t Judge a Girl by Her Cover by Ally Carter

This series is quite highly ranked on GoodReads, and I hadn’t read a young adult book in a while. I also wanted something lighter after Walden.

The premise of teenage spies and the lighter tone of the book was an adjustment. I also wonder that the older I get, the less I can relate to teenagers and thus, find it harder to read these kind of books. There was a lot of talk about boys and kissing. There was also an excessive use of the word “hot”.

Still, the book is rather light and had its fun moments. It moves rather quickly and I read the book in a couple of hours. It is as good or better than Meg Cabot’s YA books. The protagonist is not annoying and the book does place good emphasis on friendship.

I did not realize until about halfway through the book that this is actually the third book in the series and not the first. I must have returned the first awhile back thinking it was the third one. In any case, I was not too confused by the back story. Knowing I have read the third book makes me more likely to read the last and fourth book especially after the cliffhanger.

Read April 13th 2013.

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