Booking Through Thursday: Cover Story part 2

This week on BTT:

Are there any good books that you read IN SPITE OF the cover and ended up wondering what on earth the artist and publisher were thinking to pair up a cover that so badly represented a perfectly good book?

And … if you didn’t like the cover, what made you pick up the book? The author? Assigned reading from school? A recommendation from a friend?

As I said last week, most times, I don’t really see that many bad covers. If I do, I don’t notice it as much as the book for itself. I do notice that French publishers keep their covers much simpler than those in the anglophone publishing world. I was French book browsing this weekend and noticed again how many of their books lack a lot of colour and intrigue. They focus less on advertising to be sure.

Usually, I pick up books for a plethora of reasons, including, but not limited to: author that I have read before, it is a classic/award winner, part of a series, or a recommendation from a friend/blog/or other source. I use to read for school, but it doesn’t apply now that I am out of it.

How about you?


    • athena says:

      Hi Tribute Books Mama! I agree. I don’t care when I’ve heard from someone I’ve trust or lots of other sources. The cover is just icing. Thanks!

    • athena says:

      Hi Valentina! I don’t mind it so much since it emphasizes content over style, but I do like nice covers. I don’t choose books based on that alone though. Thanks!

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