Monthly Movies

Monthly Movies – May 2013

For the last couple of months, I’ve been watching mostly TV and rewatching movies and shows. I don’t think I watched a new movie for almost two months until War Horse.

War Horse (18 05 2013) – Review Here.

Kinky Boots (25 05 13) – I remember seeing the trailer for this back in 2005 o 2006. I’ve liked Chiwetel Ejiofor since Dirty Pretty Things and the man should be more famous. He is wonderful in this film. It is fun and underrated. The romance aspect of the movie is a bit trite and boring though. It should have just focused mainly on Ejiofor’s character Simon/Lola and the friendship with Charlie Price. I would still recommend this film just for people to see Eliofor.

Girl with the Dragon Tattoo (26 05 13) – I could have watched something funnier, but I just wanted something to knit along to for a Sunday night. Since I’ve read the book and seen the original Swedish movie, I thought it would require less attention. I’ve had the movie for awhile too because I adore Daniel Craig. I would watch a whole movie of him and that cat. It was interesting and realistic to see people smoking for once in an American movie. In any case, great acting all around. While I loved Noomi Rapace’s acting, Rooney did a great job here too. She was physically very Lisebeth. I felt the Mickael/Lisbeth hookup was rushed in this film compared to the other one, but these two actors had more chemistry than the first film. I was not crazy about the music. They changed the ending and some of the details, but they elaborated on the ending a bit more. Then it ended rather abruptly just like in the book. I think overall, the Swedish version does edge out this one. I’ll watch the sequel, but I really only liked parts 1 and 3 of the series.

Notably Rewatched

Howl’s Moving Castle – Hayao Miyazaki is one of the few people I consider geniuses. His movies touch me and make me feel good without being too contrived or cliched. He really captures imagination and creativity. I’ve been rewatching a lot of his movies in the last year, and not sure which to pick next. Though none of them can do wrong. The movie reminds me that I should read the book one day.


  • Barbara

    I much preferred the original version. Daniel Craig is great but the story lost its “Swedishness” and could have been set in London or New York or anywhere. I preferred the original ending too. But the book and both the films are on my repeat list, if ever I have time.

    • athena

      Hi Barbara! I preferred the original ending as well. It also lost its Swedishness. I didn’t understand why they made it Swedish when no one except the villain was actually played by a Swedish actor either. Anyway, it was still good to watch with Craig and Mara wasn’t bad though I prefer Rapace on the whole. Thanks for the comment!

  • jessicabookworm

    I struggled watching The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo even though I knew what was coming from reading the book. I think I find things worst to watch than read about! Good choice with Kinky Boots I thought it was a fun and little known film.

    • athena

      Hi Jessica! Did you watch the original Swedish version as well? I found that one intense, but I liked they did go quite far with the American movie. I’ve wanted to watch KB for ages, and it was great because of the actor. The musical looks good too. Have a great week!

      • jessicabookworm

        No I haven’t I’ve only seen the Hollywood version with Daniel Craig and that was quite graphic enough for me! I’ve been told the Swedish one is worse in that sense so I’ve avoided it.

        • athena

          Hi Jessica! The good thing about reading the book ahead of time is knowing when to fast forward so it helped. It’s been years since I saw the Swedish one, but the graphicness is more or less the same across both versions. I do feel the Swedish version is more in the spirit of the books so it makes the violence feel worse. I usually do not go for that kind of horror either, but the acting in both movies made up for it. I still find Lisbeth a fascinating character though I don’t necessarily love the books as a whole. Thanks for commenting as always!

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