Booking Through Thursday – Moving

What kind of moving experiences have you had with your books? (Or, just in general if you’ve got good Moving Day stories–and who doesn’t?) Did having to pack and move your books cause any changes in your book-collecting habits? Make you wish you had everything on an e-reader? Feel free to discuss! (grin) – BTT

Since I’ve had to move internationally a couple times, I can say that moving with books is not easy. The first time I move back to Canada from abroad, I actually saved some of my things with a friend including about 5-10 books. In the end, I only brought back one of the books and it was the heaviest: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare. I was taught a good lesson with that as I am still sad that I had to give up those books which I hadn’t even read yet. The second time I lived abroad, I was lucky to have access to two subscription libraries so I only bought a couple of books and gave them away.

All of this moving did teach me that A) Books are heavy, B) Books are difficult to give up, and C) I should get an e-reader which is what I did after the second move. I really like my Kindle a lot. I don’t use it very much because I’ve been able to stay in one place for the last couple of years and use a library. Worse, I’ve actually accumulated more books than I could possibly imagine. I think I have a hundred books now, and it’s going to be a headache when I inevitably move again. I’ll cross that bridge later.

Hey, everyone! I am back from my holiday but I’ve been very busy. I have not been reading. I didn’t do so on my trip either. Furthermore, the trip was tiring and I have to go through my hundreds of photos. I did some bookish things though and I’ll try to read at least one book this weekend so I can blog more regularly again.

Have a great weekend!

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