Sunday Salon: End of the year review

Sunday Salon

Hello! I hope everyone is having a good holiday so far. I’ve been quite busy and even sick the last couple of weeks. It feels a lot has happened. I’m not working until the 6th which is great but a bit strange since I’ve been working so much the last couple of months.

Yesterday, I read A Little Princess and the review for it and the 1995 movie will be up tomorrow. Today, I think I’ll read John Green’s Looking for Alaska.

I plan on doing the Classics Club Readathon on January 4. I won’t read the whole day, but I’ll definitely make a concerted effort to read a classic that day.

For the rest of my time off, I’ll be seeing some friends, organizing my Filofax planner(s), making job applications, and cleaning my desk and filing cabinet in anticipation of the new year.

Yesterday, I started drafting up my 2014 reading goals and challenges. I usually do a review of 2013, but I may not do it this year because I am busy. I completed most of my reading challenges for 2013 and have tweaked my 2014 goals accordingly. How was your 2013 reading goals? What do you plan for in the new year?

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