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    2013 Books and 2014 Reading Goals

    An analysis of books consumed in 2013. This year, I read 68 new books with a total of 19800 pages.

    Memorable Books from this year: This is not a definitive list by any means:

    Longest Book: Game of Thrones with 811 pages.

    Most Challenging Books: Walden by Henry David Thoreau

    New-to-me Authors I look forward to reading more: Robin Sloan, David Mitchell, John Green

    Classics Club update: I’m up to 17 books now, and I am quite behind.

    Most Read Author: Georgette Heyer and Neil Gaiman.

    Poetry: None! Sad.

    Month Read the Most: August

    Total number of books read: 68 out of projected modest goal of 65.

    2013: 68
    2012: 65
    2011: 50
    2010: 67
    2009: 20
    2008: 83
    2007: 52
    2006: 61
    2005: 83
    2004: 71
    2005: 66
    2002: 66

    2014 Reading Goals:

    As I am spending less time online and more time in the real world, I have decided to simplify my reading goals a little bit more. As much as I enjoy joining reading challenges, I am going to make one definitive list of goals I’d like to accomplish and review it at the end of year.

    1. Read 70 books – This is simple enough as I have been reading in the high 60s ever year, but I would like to push myself a bit more. I think the most I ever read as 83 at one point. As I have a lot of hobbies already, I don’t think I’ll be a hundred books a year kind of girl anytime soon.
    2. Focus on the Classics Club – I am running behind on the challenge so will aim to read 5-10 from my list.
    3. One French language book – At least one French language is good enough for me.
    4. One Poetry book – One does not sound like a lot, but since I did not even manage one in 2013, it’s a good way to start.
    5. Read more from my cookbook collection – I have a lot of lovely cookbooks, many of which I can actually read as well as try out. I should read and review them more.
    6. Continue reading more nonfiction – I’m quite proud of the amount of nonfiction I’ve read this year.
    7. Read things out loud more – I wish to speak slower, more clearly, and enjoy the joy of reading out loud again.
    8. Authors to read more of because of series an and other reasons: George R. R. Martin, J. K. Rowling, and a slew of other classic authors

    Finally, a complete list of books for 2013 which can all by accessed via the 2013 Books tag: