The Ocean at the End of the Lane and Make Good Art by Neil Gaiman

The Ocean at the End of the Lane

Another captivating novel from Neil Gaiman. I think my favourite Gaiman work will always be the Sandman series, but I do love his novels. I continue to love them more and more. As a novelist and following his career over the last decade, I feel his writing has improved.

This novel was dark and twisty similar to his recent works such as Coraline and The Graveyard Book. There is always a theme of children and adults, growing up and magic. There is a deep theme in this book and others about the thin line between children and adult and who we are really.

He’s improved more and more as a writer. His writing has become more beautiful over time, and definitely one of my new favourite novels of his.

I think Hayao Miyazaki and Studio Ghibli could make a great adaptation of this work. I can dream.

Read October 6, 2013.

Make Good Art

This is little booklet is a speech Gaiman delivered at the University of Philadelphia in 2012. It’s been designed by a graphic artist so there is a strong visual element. I found the speech quite inspirational and it reminded me of things I’ve been thinking about. While it focuses on art specifically, you can apply some of the principles to every day life. I am considering getting it for my best friend who is an artist and would appreciate the speech.

Read October 6, 2013.


  • Barbara

    I enjoyed the post but am smiling at the photo of the boat which I presume is at New York. Have a look at the similarity with the photo I use for my second bog which is genealogy related at boundforoz – at- The similarity is remarkable but my boat is going through the heads at Port Phillip Bay in Victoria, Australia.

    • athena

      Hi Barbara! Yes, I was in NYC this summer and took a lot of shots of the waterfront and the boats. I like boats. Your photo sounds even better. Have a good day!

  • David Melik

    I also like Neil Gaiman’s Sandman series (among most DC Comics), including his recently started Sandman vol. 2 which has so far been more tragic (which is supposed to be good, but I am wondering how it can end well then), but I had not read any of his non-cartoon prose (except his website). Since a crafter/artist recommends, I will try to read _Make_Good_Art_.

    • athena

      Hi David! I’m looking forward to the new Sandman as well, but it a tragic set of characters the Endless. I recommend his YA fiction actually. His adult stuff like Neverwhere is good, but I really like how writes children’s fantasy. Cheers!

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