Orphan Black

It’s harder for me to write about a show I love because it’s hard to find fault with things you love. Objectively, I know this show is not the smoothest at times and it’s not for everyone. For me, I was engrossed with this little series. I’m excited for the premiere of season two in April.

As follows are ten reasons why I liked this show:

  1. Tatiana Maslany all the time. She deserves every award for the acting she does on this show. She has chemistry with the rest of the cast, but mainly, herself!
  2. The pacing is tight and fast with ten episodes. There is very little to no filler. All the scenes move the overall plot or character developments and arcs.
  3. While this is a sci-fi show, with the exception of some science talk and the appearance of a tail, this show is low on CGI. It’s a show largely about identity.
  4. All the characters are flawed and many show growth or development through the series.
  5. The aspect I liked the least was the Vic character. He was just annoying. I was also not always keen on Art the detective. He was a bit too much of a trope and typical cop character. Conversely, the cop plotline on this show moves believably so. They aren’t fumbling like dumb cops on other non serialized shows.
  6. As a Canadian, I do try to watch Canadian shows and while there have been some that I have liked in the past, but none that I have loved like I do this show. It was riveting and entertaining. It also felt Canadian without being overly Canadian or low budget. This is something I haven’t found with any Canadian based show.
  7. This is a show about many female characters, all with unique voices going through a similar experience from different perspectives.
  8. Felix and the actor who plays him is good too. Paul/Dylan Bruce is hot.
  9. The soundtrack is good too.
  10. The fandom is small and very positive. Having said that, I wish the show and TM would get more attention. It’s underrated and she should get more roles in everything and anything.

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