FO Friday: Antifreeze

IMG_2093Last summer, I started riding my bike for the first time in over 15 years. I really enjoyed it as I commuted to work. As the weather got colder, so did my face! I am not even a fast cyclist and quite slow really. I still need something to protect my face on early morning bike rides. I also thought it would could double as a running balaclava.

As with others on Ravelry, I was not that satisfied with the face opening or shaping. I tried to modify it, but it was still too big. I would have tried to make the face hole even smaller except I was running out of yarn. I quickly did a round of single rib to finish it off. I did like the addition of the strap holes and instead of two pigtail holes, I put one ponytail in the back.


Antifreeze, started January 24, 2014, finished January 27, 2014.Ravelry Project Page

Pattern: Antifreeze by Jenna Adorno from Knitty, Winter 2006 Ravelry Pattern Page
Yarn: Galway Heather by Diamond – 100g/220 yards – 1 skein
Needles: US#5/3.75mm and US#6/4.0mm – 100cm circulars and one 40cm/16″ #6/4.0mm

Antifreeze Balaclava

Modifications & Notes:

  • Added one additional st st row before starting helmet hole row
  • Used knitted CO for COing in middle of row.
  • Single ponytail hole in the back. Not sure I will use it, but I do have long hair.
  • As with a sock heel, I slipped the first st of every row when knitting back and forth. Makes it easier to pick up stitches.
  • Knit the face part in the smaller needle and knit a few more rows than recommended before the shaping.
  • Could only manage to pick up 24 sts instead of 36 so I started my forehead shape rows after K49 turn.
  • For the lower face, I did the K20, P21, then K22, P25 and so on
  • Decreased and then knit two rounds of k1p1 rib as I was running out of yarn
  • I wish I had enough yarn as I would have definitely decreased much more and earlier.

IMG_2089Cost of Project: $4 oddball. Considering this is a balaclava, that’s a great deal.
Would I knit it again? Unlikely. I do think that the strap and hair openings were a great one. The use of sock heel techniques was good too, but I don’t like how the shaping was written.

Have a good weekend! For more FOs, go to Tami’s Amis.

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