The Fast Diet by Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer

Like many others, I became more interested in Intermittent Fasting (IF) after watching Dr Mosley’s BBC Horizon programme on it. I began to realize that this would be the only diet that I could ever do. It’s more of an eating pattern, but it is one that I can relate to. I do believe people eat too much in the West and especially junk or processed food. Food is everywhere. It’s excessive.

This “diet” is straightforward and easy to follow. Two non-consecutive fasting or low calorie days per week. The rules are simple and you can eat anything on the non fast days. The studies are showing

I do love food. I think about it a lot. I make it. I read about it. I watch shows about it. I also can and do eat a lot of it. However, I have done variations of IF or calorie restriction before. When travelling, I often go through hours without eating much. I often do not eat lunch. For breakfast, I often have a simple steel cut oatmeal breakfast. I do not mind it actually and love oatmeal as breakfast. On weekends, I will often brunch and have bigger meals with family or friends.

In the past, when I have done IF without even realizing it (travelling, as a poor graduate student, as a poor intern), I did did lose weight. I am not sure if there were other effects. I do not need to lose a lot of weight to begin with, but it is getting harder to lose weight over the years.

This book could be shorter as the second half is full of reference information. IF and the Fast Diet is fairly simple to follow. The book was a good reminder of eating less at least a couple days a week. I hope to fast more in the future. Due to circumstances, I can’t follow the calorie restrictions, but it is a good reminder to eat less on certain days.

Read February 11-13, 2016.

2 thoughts on “The Fast Diet by Michael Mosley and Mimi Spencer

  • jessicabookworm

    I agree we do eat too much in the West. I decided to give up meat for Lent this year because I feel we eat too much of it now. We used to eat meat and other treats when we could find/afford it while now we can eat what we want everyday. I hope this fasting method works for you.

    • athena (Post author)

      Hello Jessica! I’ve given up meat as well in periods. I try to eat less of it and no longer eat beef for example. I hope your own fast works. As for IF, I am not a dedicated faster, but it is something to keep in mind on a regular basis. Thanks for commenting!


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