Slightly Foxed Issue 37: Dreaming of the Bosphorus

This is actually a literary magazine. It was a gift from a friend who said that I would enjoy it. I am not sure where she got it (maybe her own mother) since my friend is not as interested in literature like me.

This was definitely up my alley. The magazine is focused on books from the past, forgotten authors, or topics adjacent to book lover’s life. Most of the books covered in each quarterly is no longer being published or in active print. I really enjoyed the various articles. The magazine is easy to read as each article is about 4 pages.

This magazine and my recent trip has inspired me to go back to reading. I am very behind on my reading challenge this year and have not been reading as much. Other things have gotten in the way, but I am reminded that it is all about commitment.

Since I moved into to my current home over 1.5 year ago, I’ve found it difficult to carve time here for reading. This happened at my previous apartment as well, but I love my current home more to the point where I do other things but read. I will commit to booking time for reading for the rest of the summer.

A really good magazine. I am not in the position to subscribe, but I will check out their podcast and hope to find another opportunity to read the magazine again.

Started June 24, 2019. Finished July 21, 2019. I read it mostly in these two days.

For more information about Slightly Foxed, please visit their website here.

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