FO: Barn Raising Quilt

This project took me nine years to finish. I knew that it would take awhile going in as it’s made completely from scrap sock yarn that I either used myself, were gifted, or samples.

I made 57 squares for this blanket. I used 54 in a 9×6 quilt. Many of the squares were doubles and they are represented twice on the quilt. All of the yarn had a wool or alpaca percentage at 75% or higher. It weighs almost 1kg.

When I started this quilt back in 2010, I was knitting a lot of socks. That was the year where I probably knit at least six pairs and was able to finish a pair of socks in two weeks. I could not keep up this momentum. This quilt suffered as a result. I do not even think I made a square for at least a couple years back around 2014-2016.

In 2017, I committed to finishing this by the end of 2018. I was not far off as I finished knitting all the squares in March of this year. The finishing was painful and took months. I had to block the squares. I use slip seam crochet to sew and join the squares which was a learning curve as I have only ever crocheted a couple times before. I crocheted a border before finally weaving all the ends in mid June. I was so sick of the squares by the end of it that I put off taking the photos until August 31.

It was worth it because I accomplished my goal of making a scrap yarn blanket. It is really warm and I am looking forward to using it this winter.

Project, started January 23, 2010, finished June 17, 2019. [Ravelry]

Pattern: Barn Raising Quilt from Knitalong: Celebrating the Tradition of Knitting Together by Shelley Mackie & Larissa Brown [Ravelry]
Yarn: Many many different yarns listed in this spreadsheet. The border used one skein of Garnstudio DROPS Karisma.
Needles: US2 – 2.75mm for the 4ply and US4 – 3.5mm for the sport/dk weight yarns.
Measurements: 115cm/45″ W x 190cm/75″ H

Modifications & Notes:

  • CO using techknitter’s disappearing loop CO (helpful video tutorial)
  • 13-19g of 4ply needed per square; they came out about 6.5″-7.5″ per square unblocked
  • All yarns have 75% wool or alpaca
  • Most of the yarns are superwash
  • For DK/Sport (Regia 6 ply), I CO 8 sts on 3.5mm and increased to 32 sts which made it roughly the same as the 4 ply ones.
  • Used Slip Stitch Crochet Seam (video) with a 2.5mm/C hook to seam the squares together and the columns.
  • Border: As in pattern, single crochet and slip stitch crochet black
  • Used 54 Squares for 9×6 quilt

What I wished I had done:

  • Left stitches live or on holders to graft together or three needle BO
  • Or used a Stretchier BO like Jeny’s if unable to keep live
  • Block the squares as they are finished
  • Seam the columns as it went
  • Weave in ends as it finished

Lessons Learned: Disappearing loop cast-on, Slip seam crochet, patience.
Cost of Project: All the yarn was in other projects, gifted, or free samples. The Drops yarn was about $6 and I spent $5 on two crochet hooks. It cost more in time.
Would I knit it again? Probably not, but I definitely won’t rule it out.
Helpful Links: See above in Mods.

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