WIP Wednesday: Squaring and Frogging Off

Barn Raising Quilt squaresJust an update on one of the two leftover sock yarn blankets I’ve been working on. I’ve been working on this current square on and off the last week as I’ve been too busy to knit much.

I started working on this quilt from the book Knitalong in January 2010 with the thought of doing 72 squares which would cover a twin bed. This my 49th square and this month, I’ve decided to stop at 56 squares or 8×7 square quilt.

Barn Raising Quilt squares

More squares I made a couple of weeks ago

There are a couple reasons for this and boredom is actually one of the last reasons. I don’t knit as much as I use to and certainly not as many socks since I have many pairs of knit socks. Yes, I could use the sock yarn for this quilt, but I’d lose the tapestry effect if I used more than two squares of one yarn. I may buy some koigu or 50g skein yarns to help finish it in the next year or so. Another reason is the Bee Keeper’s Quilt or heixpuff quilt is on the back burner and requires less yarn and is more adaptable. Lastly, it’s been more than 3.5 years now and I’ve only got 49 squares. It’s unlikely I can to 72 before 2015 at this rate. So now that I see the end is near, I’m quite happy to work on it more.

In other news, I’m ripping another of my old projects:

Frogging a Skirt

This is a skirt I made a couple of years ago from a Veronik Avery book and Briggs & Little yarn. I really like wool skirts and I like pencil skirts even more, but there was sizing issues. It is way too big at the waist. I’m mostly to blame for this. I often have problems with all skirts and trousers being small at the waist or just right at the hips. I wore this skirt a couple of times, and while it didn’t exactly slip off while I wore it, it just felt too big. I wasn’t too in love with it. It was a warm skirt though, but I also have other skirt patterns to consider.

I never use to frog and rip out this much in the first five years. It seems to me that I’m getting too old to have so many hand knit items that I never wear or am dissatisfied with. It was alright when I was a complete novice, but I’m not that kind of knitter anymore. I can see the potential for the yarn becoming something possibly better. So I’ll frog this out and maybe use the yarn to make a jumper or top as I still have one skein of it left when I first bought the yarn for the project.

What’s on your needles this week?

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