Less by Andrew Sean Greer

In the old days when I use to have more time and read more literary books, I would read a number of Pulitizer Prize winners. It’s been awhile since I read one and I do think they can be hit or miss. At least I remember Pulitizers being a little less mysterious and experimental than some Booker prize winners.

This novel was overall okay. The protagonist Arthur Less goes on an around the world journey. Each chapter is set in a different local. A friend of mine said she liked the Berlin chapter and that I would find it fun. Indeed, it was probably my favourite chapter. Most of the book is middling and plods along a bit too much. Arthur is a humdrum kind of character but I found him sympathetic and even relatable in some ways. There were a couple of other interesting characters but they only there momentarily. It’s very slice of life.

The book was not badly written and had some nice prose. However, there were moments when I thought the story should move along. It was a nice easy read.

Read August 20-25, 2020.

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