What I Watched – Autumn 2023 TV

I’ve cut down on my TV watching significantly in favour of books and knitting, but this fall had a few favourites returning,

“Only Murders in the Building” Season 3 – I think this was my favourite season of the show yet. It was definitely better than S2 because of the themes and the casting. The show continues to be funny and have impeccable set design and wardrobe. I am really glad it’s getting another season.

“Loki” S2 – The first season was entertaining largely because of Loki and Mobius. I would say I was so-so until the last couple episodes. Loki, Mobius and Ke Huy Quan’s OB has really lightened things up this season. However, like a lot of MCU shows, there was weak character writing especially for the female and villain characters. The ending with Loki was really bittersweet and I did feel sad. It’s a testament to Hiddleston’s acting and journey as the character after 14 years.

“Rick and Morty” S7 – I like the new voice actors. Probably one of the best seasons of the show ever, but I got into this show later than most. I really like the show for its character work and ideas.

“Taskmaster” Series 16- I skipped out on Series 15. Series 14 was one of my favourites. I watched half this season and need to go back. I’ve discovered so many good comedians especially female ones on this show.

”Frasier 2023” – The original show is my favourite sitcom. This revival was okay. I miss the original cast but there are some gems in this one. It needs time to take find its footing but I will keep watching.

”Masterchef: The Professionals” UK – My favourite food completion is back. We watched most of it on the trip but I’ll need to finish it at home.

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