Day: April 9, 2007

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365 Days: A self-portrait a day for a year.

Reached 100 days worth of portraits. It would have been early if I hadn’t missed those weeks in January. This project has not been easy for me largely because I don’t like pictures of myself and inspiration doesn’t work like that. It comes and goes, but that’s the challenge. Still, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t result in some particular boring or bad portraits over the last 100 photos. On the other hand, most of my most Interesting photos (as deemed by flickr) are my 365 Days photos. Of course, this just is because it is the largest category of my photos. Still, I’ve learned to imrovise, and I realized that I can shoot and do like macro photography.

Another difficulty of the project for me is the fact I’ve decided not to take a full on facial portrait of myself which has resulted in lots of macros and photos featuring my hair, hands, and lips. The features I relatively like best because I am wary of the lower half of my body and my face as a whole. I’m quite shy about it, and this seems redundant in a self-portrait challenge. I’m aware of that, but the goal is to force creativity (which has happened), and I have ideas for portraits and poses, but I don’t have models. Either way, I’m stuck with myself.

About today’s photo and out takes: I’ve been particularly inspired of late because I rediscovered a resource for fashion photography. There were a lot of out takes to yesterday’s entry, but I have a ton for today’s. Some of which may never get onto flickr or be seen by anyone because some of the pics pushed a boundary. This photo shoot also resulted in a few photos where I didn’t think I looked like myself. I’ve been wearing makeup in recent entries, and today was the first time I wore lipstick 365. This shoot was very different, and I’m quite proud. I hope I can get inspired by more fashion photography in the future.