All Tangled Up


 On your left, is the two balls of Wendy Merino DK that I bought an hour ago, and on your right is The Bane of My Existence: a tangled mess of the Misti Alpaca Lace that I posted about buying in this post. I starting putting it in a centre pull ball using the toilet paper roll method, but let’s be honest, I have never had to use a reshape a hank of yarn, and something went awry. It just got steadily worse. I believe I am a patient person, but I don’t think I can untangle all this yarn; there’s 400m in a hank and I doubt I’ve gotten far at all. I think I’m going to give up and just shell out for another hank, probably in another colour because I feel the pink was bad luck. I’m going to buy it this weekend with the needles, and roll it in the store under the supervision of knitters far advanced than me.

The Wendy Merino is for a project I am going to cast on fairly soon, this weekend probably. I’ll post more about it when I do. I also bought US3/3.0mm 16″ circs and DPNS today for other projects. I know, I’ve basically planned out five (almost six) projects until the winter! Well, at least none of them are scarves.

Dewey has a fun blogroll game going on.

3 thoughts on “All Tangled Up

  • Lotus Reads


    Visiting you from Dewey’s blog…I think the blogroll game is such a neat idea. I live in Canada too! Glad to see you love books, reading is one of my favorite obsessions! Good luck with your new knitting project!

  • dew

    Hey, look! I was in one of your knitting posts! 😀

    I’m going through the knitting category in your category cloud. It seems like all the yarn I start using gets tangled up! Not sure why. Because of a previous post, I put the Mason Dixon book on my wishlist, but I think I’ll check the library for it first.


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