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Rose’s Wrist Warmers

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Rose’s Wrist Warmers, started 1 June 2007, finished 17 June 2007
Pattern: Rose’s Wrist Warmers (PDF File) by Christina
Yarn: Wendy Merino DK in Plum #3045 (100% wool) – almost two skeins
Needles: US#4/3.5mm DPNs (Boyle plastic)
Cost of Project: $8 for yarn.
Pattern Notes and Comments: These wrist warmers are from a pattern designed to look like the ones Rose Tyler wears in the season/series two finale of BBC’s Doctor Who. I remember watching the episode and actually liking the look of them. They looked really good on her, and the purple was just a nice colour to complement her black jacket. Afterwards, I stumbled upon the pattern couple months later. It was meant to be. I have this proclivity to knit wrist warmers / fingerless gloves; these are my second pair in less than a year. I like warm hands I guess, and I’m scared of knitting actual gloves. My first pair of mittens sorta sucked, but I did well with Knitty’s fingerless Fetching gloves and these are nice wrist warmers. There is not much of a climate in this part of Canada to wear wrist warmers. It’s either too warm for them or too cold. The diamond pattern is very nice with the moss stitch centres; I also really like that she wrote in a thumb gusset because a lot of patterns for mittens and fingerless gloves seems to forgo on that. It’s oddly appropriate this yarn is from Wendy/Peter Pan because the Doctor/Rose relationship was always reminscient of that. I really look forward to wearing these this autumn. They are already very warm, but then again, it’s high twenties celsius these days. It’s 31C today without the humidex.
Would I knit it again? Unsure. I like the cabling enough, but I had ladder issues due to the cables no matter how hard I tried to avoid them. If I do ever knit these again, I would make them longer, maybe another diamond repeat before the gusset and a couple of rows more after the thumb.


  • Lenore

    Heeeeeelp meeeee! I have been looking for this pattern for a while, and you have exactly what I want – only when I click the link it tells me the file is expired. Am I doing something wrong? How do I find it? Thanks.

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