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Alright my dear friends, I must call it a night. I have much to do tomorrow. I read two books, one play, but I really only completed one book. It was fun and worth it though, and the book was particularly apt I thought.

I won one of the challenges over at Dewey‘s blog. Yay! She reads some great books too so I’m sure I’ll have some lovely choices in the future. I also would like to take the time to deserve credit to Dewey for being a fantastic organiser and host of this event. She’s made this great fun for all of us.

Here’s my last challenge from Booklogged: Choose one of the books you are reading for the challenge. Pretend you are going to host a book group at your house this month to discuss that book. What will you serve for refreshments? The refreshments have to tie-in to the book somehow.

Since I’ve actually finished First Among Sequels by Jasper Fforde, I’ll have a Thursday Next themed party.

People who have read the books will understand why I will choose Battenburg cake and Cheese (with crackers) as the food with coffee and tea as refreshments. Not any Cheese, but illegal cheese that I probably had to smuggle across the border.

Thanks for everything today. Good night and good luck.

5 thoughts on “Hour 14 and 15: Refreshments and Bonsoir

  1. Athena, I want to come to your book group. I have this book on my shelf but it has to wait til next year for a new set of challenges. I do understand the Battenburg cake and illelegal cheese. Wonderful!

  2. Goodnight! Thanks for participating! I’m in the same boat as booklogged. This series is lined up for me for next year for the First in a Series challenge, and I’m trying to wait til January.

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