Day: August 6, 2008

My first David Sedaris book. It was very funny and a quick read; I think it only took me half a day of solid reading. I laughed out loud a few times, and I loved Sedaris’s style. There are quite a few essays in this, a couple on his childhood and youth, a few on living day to day, people, and one large one at the end on quitting smoking and moving to Japan for a couple months to accomplish it. One nifty thing was the following quotation: “There’s a store in London that sells travel guides alongside novels that place in this or that given country. The idea is that you’ll read the guide for facts and read the novel for atmosphere” Which is something I mentioned on the previous Sunday Salon and funnily enough, I am going to London. I thought this a fun read, and definitely right up my alley in terms of humor. I find things easily amusing and strange as Mr Sedaris does. I look forward to reading some of his other books and essays in the future.