Day: August 24, 2008

This past week, I finished reading Hardy’s Far From the Maddening Crowd and continued reading more Holmes by finishing The Return of Sherlock Holmes and starting The Valley of Fear. After this novel, there will be two more short story collections and then I will be finished the Holmes canon on audiobook. I spent all of yesterday listening to Holmes, and it has been a long experience. I enjoy it for the most part, and though I have not ever been a shipper for slash pairings, Holmes and Watson are made for one another and I totally ship them.

Today and this week, I want to start Wharton’s Summer, Graham Swift’s Last Orders, or The Book of Lost Things. It’s hard to determine at the moment since I have so many books; they are going to consume me. I am going to miss having so many books around me like this in a month’s time. During the school year, I get antsy if I haven’t read a book for fun in more than three weeks. It is such a relaxing release for me to read a book for fun, and I miss it if I don’t do it regularly such as spending most a day reading and finishing a book.

Off to do some errands and then back for some intense reading. Have a good week!

Literary Links:

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