The Times They Are A-Changing

At the end of this week, I will be moving to London, England for at least one year to do my graduate studies. The blog will change as my life does. My life will have less knitting (will be too poor for yarn), less time for books, and possibly less blogging overall as it usually the case when I am in school. The blog will include posts of London centric things from museums, galleries, parks, shopping, photos, and more. While I do not plan to have Grand European Tour, I will definitely make a requisite trip to Paris in the future so travel posts are ahead.

A big change such as this is hectic and blog updates may be less frequent and content will alter. I hope to blog about the things I have always blogged about especially books, but it is too early to tell how the blog will evolve when I get there. Thank you for reading and commenting.

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