2007-2009 Weblog Entries Restored

From 2007 to 2009, a WordPress weblog existed here at aquatique.net. It was hacked in early 2009 and at the time, I was doing my Masters degree and had no time to fix it. Since then, I’ve put off due to life and general procrastination. It always did come back to my mind though because I knew all my entries were in my database though I had deleted most things.

When I finally got around to creating this new blog in January, I attempted to find a solution to restore the old blog. I couldn’t find an answer online for my particular situation. I didn’t care if it worked, but I needed my entries back. I had some valuable ones I knew.

Finally, this morning, I went to wordpress.org’s support forums and got some help. Through that and the wordpress.org manual, I managed it. I learned a lot about MySQL editing this morning.

When I got the old blog back on another folder, I found out that I had 426 entries and 850 comments from those two years! It was a bit strange going through my old entries too and also sad/nostalgic.

It has taken hours. I installed about 4 versions of WordPress, went through all the tags, did my best to clean up the categories and consolidated things, and finally, individually imported each category through because it was too big to do it in one big installment.

Having said that, some of the stuff is not completely consolidated. For example, Monthly Movies and TV has its own category now and they didn’t before, but I have imported most of the relevant old tags including those for things in it. It is mostly organized.

It was important for my own sake to see my old posts again. It also was a window to my old self, since then, I have changed more than I thought. I will attempt to go back to some old habits like the Sunday Salon and Booking Through Thursday though. Even if my old blog readers are no longer around, my posts are. Go through the archives and enjoy!

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