WIP Wednesday: Blue Cardi continued

Progress on my blue Garter Yoke Cardigan:

Sweater WIP at Instagram

Taken on the new iPad 3 and Instagram since I wanted to test both features.

I finished one sleeve yesterday. While I was doing the body, I didn’t want the sleeves to take up my remaining yarn so I put the body on hold (it’s beyond the waist shaping now) and started the sleeves. That way, I can make this a fairly long cardigan. I am really liking this royal blue from Patons Classic Wool.

Let’s be honest, I’d have finished this sweater in less than two weeks given my situation. I’ve been very slow with it and spent a few days not even knitting a bit. I know knitting hasn’t been on my radar as much lately because of that and the fact I haven’t been on Ravelry much. I was a bit sick the other week and distracted with other things. I also haven’t been watching shows or movies that much and I almost always knit during those times. I don’t really sit and knit; I’m usually watching something while doing it. Even with lace!

In any case, the Crazy Zauberball I mentioned a few weeks ago, I bought as a birthday present to myself. Yay! Except I have no idea what I will do with it yet.

I’m nearly done this cardigan and due to my lack of knitting mojo, I haven’t really been excited for my next project. Maybe I will take a break and knit some hexipuffs. I haven’t done that since last year; I can make a couple and then plan my next project.

Do you ever feel you lose momentum during projects and why?

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7 thoughts on “WIP Wednesday: Blue Cardi continued

  • Leah

    Hello and thanks for your comment, my dear! The sweater looks great so far… but I definitely know what you mean about losing momentum. Especially with large projects. No harm in putting it aside until the autumn if you need to, though.

    • athena (Post author)

      I bought the Crazy so I will probably use it for socks. I also have the regular Zauberball in Burnt Almonds (had it for over 2 years now) which I have yet to decide what shawls or projects to use it with. Thanks for the reply!

  • Minding My Own Stitches

    Pretty cardigan. Beautiful blue. Yes, I often lose momentum on projects – sometimes because they’re taking too long, sometimes because I’m dreading what comes next (decreasing in pattern, sewing in ends, etc.) and sometimes just because I’m not entirely happy with how it’s working out. Oh, and sometimes because my brain is fried and I just need some quick, easy and fun diversions.

    • athena (Post author)

      Yeah, I think we all have those times. I also feel like life really does get in the way of knitting and I can’t focus on this one hobby and there are others to do like be more social with family and friends in other ways. Thanks for the comment!


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