Day: June 2, 2012


Another Heyer novel with cross dressing and gender bending; this time it features a brother and sister
who play sister and brother. The book also features the siblings’ love interests and their master manipulator father. This novel is set just after the Jacobite Rising and that features in the plot and the cautious atmosphere looking for rebels.

The premise is interesting. I do like my cross dressing plots, but this novel was a tad boring for most of the book. I liked the main characters, but maybe there wasn’t enough depth to them for me to really feel invested. I also couldn’t really get into the romances. Sir Anthony is intelligent and big, and that seems to be about it. It felt that there was wasted potential with the premise.

One thing that has been bothering about these novels is the frequent abductions of young females. How often did this happen in the eighteenth century? It seems like every month in these books.

I did like the ending though and it wasn’t a bad read by any means. Heyer usually has some nice touches in her characters and plot. I think the twists towards the end helped end this novel on a high note.

Read May 23-27, 2012.